I Want to Build My Own House:

Preconstruction: House Plan/Architect


Here is the latest result of my efforts:

Rev 1.2 - Exterior(jpg) Added A Garage, as of Mar 18, 2008
Rev 1.1 - Exterior(jpg) as of Mar 17, 2008
Rev 1.0 - 1st Floor Plan (angle view) as of Mar 2, 2008
Rev 1.0 - 1st Floor Plan. (jpg) as of Mar 2, 2008
Rev 0.1 Floor Plan (pdf) As of Jan 6, 2008

Where did I get my house plan?

Option 1 - Design it yourself

Pros Cons
Least Expensive
Get Exactly what we want
Requires a great deal of time
Have to know exactly what you want
Have to do load/sizing calcs

Option 2 - Buy an existing house plan

Pros Cons
Fairly In-expensive
Very few Design decisions
No customizing
May require changes for localized bldg codes

Option 3 - Hire an Architect to design it for me

Pros Cons
Architect can customize it
Very, very Expensive

I chose to do option 1, but I started with option 2 to get some ideas.  
I purchased This Book.
It was very helpful to start.  You get many many house plans that help figure out what types of houses and layouts you like best.  But none of them were quite perfect.  

My personal style is the 2 story farmhouse.  These usually have large front porches which I also like.  The problem is that they typically have a detached garage.  And Boss #1 doesnt want to haul groceries into the house through the rain.  So I could either start doing the grocery shopping, or add an attached garage.  I chose the latter.  

I first started drawing up my plans using this free CAD software:A9CAD
I chose it because it is free, and it was easy to use.  
I made this latest plan using Google Sketchup. Which is a really cool free program.

Utilty Apps: